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The management of Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga (ESIS) invite applications to study Mineral, Oil and Gas Exploration in 2015/16.

Courses Offered:

  1. Exploration and Mining Geology
  2. Petroleum Geology (Oil and Gas)
  • The collage located within Mwadui Williamson Mines and is fully licensed by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) with registration number reg/eos/041.
  • Applicants Basic Requirements: Completed Form Four with D and above passes in four subjects.
  • Application Forms: Available in our website. Also can be collected from our main office in Ndala – Shinyanga, Open University of Tanzania -Shinyanga Branch, Mwadui, Contact Centers in Mwanza and Arusha
  • Hostel Services: Hostel service is offered upon request
  • Application Deadline: The Deadline is 30 May 2015
  • Admission and Classes: Admission will be on 10th August 2015 and classes commences on 17th August 2015.

For more explanations or questions please call: 02827628540785163274/0769426401. OR send us email at: OR Visit our website:

You are all welcomed

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Dear all expected applicants and to the general public

The application forms, prospectus and fee structure for the year 2015/16 for Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga – ESIS will delay for 7-14 days from 1 March 2015 because of inevitable reasons.

We are very sorry for any inconveniences that may occurs

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ESIS is a mining institute registered under NACTE with a registration no. REG/EOS/041 to offer Certificate and Diploma in Mining related Course Programs.

ESIS is a new and growing institute and in this case we will be needing different staffs to our growing departments and units each year.  Specifically we will be needing Geology Tutors in these areas

  1. Exploration geology
  2. Mining Geology
  3. Petroleum geology
  4. Mineral processing
  5. Mining engineering
  6. Gemology
  7. and related

Send us your CV so that we can contact you anytime we have a vacant that suite your career. To send us your CV please use Job Vacancy page

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19-21 JANUARY 2015





0800- 1000hrs

MTT 04102Advanced MathematicsOPEN UNIVERSITY
AGT 05103Geophysics ExplorationMWADUI
1200- 1400hrs GST 04104Organic chemistryOPEN UNIVERSITY

1600- 1800hrs

GST 04103Physical ScienceOPEN UNIVERSITY
AGT 05105Remote sensingMWADUI





0800- 1000hrs

AGT 04102Structural GeologyOPEN UNIVERSITY
AGT 05102Geochemistry & geochemical mappingMWADUI
1200- 1400hrs AGT 04102Elementary MineralogyOPEN UNIVERSITY

1600- 1800hrs

GST 04102Computer applicationOPEN UNIVERSITY
AGT 05104Geological mappingMWADUI
 WEDNESDAY21/01/2015 0800- 1000hrs GST 04101Basics of chemistryOPEN UNIVERSITY
1200- 1400hrs AGT 04101Basics of geologyOPEN UNIVERSITY

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All students with supplementary examinations from 14th to 16th of JANUARY 2015 are hereby informed to pay the supplementary fee of TZS. 30,000/= per exam before the examination dates

Note: we only need the bank deposit slip be presented to the office of ESIS Admin and not CASH

Bank Details

  • Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC
  • Account Name: ESIS Limited,
  • Account No:01J1059238400
  • Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch


ESIS Management

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NTAL4-6 Results BannerHi All

Attached are the provisional results for Exploration and Mining Geology and Petroleum Geology Students NTAL4-6, December 2014

Be informed also that the supplementary and special exams will be done from 14th to 16th of JANUARY 2015

For any concern, results adjustment, appeal please consult the Academic Mistress for more clarifications and possible responses

Good luck

ESIS Management

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Attentions to all NTAL4 students.

This is the list of student who must repeat their failed supplementary to in various modules. Arrange with your Tutor or fellow classmate to make sure that you attend the classes and all assignments, test, practical plus end of semester examination

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Tanzania MAP with Geological Equipment ChecklistThe following is the checklist for student and their supervisors/tutors that direct what to consider when attending geological mapping practical session in the field or for attachment in mining companies.

Field Equipment

  1. Student Geological Microscopes (petrographic one capable of transmitting and plane polarizing light)
  2. Geological Hammers
  3. GPS for Students
  4. Compasses/Pocket Transit
  5. Field Loupes / Hand Lenses

Personal Gear

  1. Hat.
  2. Rock hammer.
  3. Camera (photos are used for end of module presentations).
  4. Raingears
  5. Jacket.
  6. Gloves
  7. Safari boots.
  8. Personal First Aid Kit (we will be miles from the main transportation)

Act No. 9 of 1997 empowers the Council “to establish awards in technical education which are consistent in standard and comparable to related awards at national and international levels”.

NACTE awards are known as National Technical Awards (NTA) and adopt a Competence-based (CBET) modular system (credit-based).

The Council has to set qualifications standards for the awards, hence the objectives.

The NTA are designed to testify that the holder of the award is able to apply competently the knowledge and skills described in the relevant occupational sector.

The NTA system has seven levels linked to a three level system of VETA, known as National Vocational Training Awards (NVTA), to provide a ten level framework of Technical and Vocational (TVET) qualifications.

Each NTA qualification has a broad competence level descriptor.

TVET Qualifications Framework

Level Award
NVTA 1 Certificate of Competence – Level I
NVTA 2 Certificate of Competence – Level II
NVTA 3 Certificate of Competence – Level III
NTA    4 Basic Technician Certificate
NTA    5 Technician Certificate
NTA    6 Ordinary Diploma
NTA    7 Higher Diploma
NTA    8 Bachelors Degree
NTA    9 Masters Degree
NTA  10 Doctor of Philosophy

Competence Level Descriptors

Level Competence Descriptor
NTA    4Basic Technician Certificate Apply skills and knowledge at routine level.
NTA    5Technician Certificate Apply skills and knowledge in a range of activities, some of which are non-routine and be able to assume operational responsibilities.
NTA    6Ordinary Diploma Apply skills and knowledge in a broad range of work activities, most of which are non-routine.
NTA    7Higher Diploma Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a broad range of complex technical activities, a high degree of personal responsibility and some responsibility for work of others.
NTA    8Bachelors Degree Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a wide and unpredictable variety of contexts with substantial personal responsibility, responsibility for the work of others and responsibility for the allocation of resources, policy, planning, execution and evaluation.
NTA    9Masters Degree Display mastery of a complex and specialized area of knowledge and skills, employing knowledge and understanding to conduct research or advanced technical or professional activity, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations.
NTA  10Doctor of Philosophy Apply knowledge and understanding and do advanced research resulting into significant and original contributions to a specialised field, demonstrate a command of methodological issues and engaging in critical dialogue with peers, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations.

Description of Awards

Intermediate Professional Awards

NTA    4Basic Technician Certificate Part of Technician Certificate Programme; a bridging stage to equip leavers of VETA, Academic and Technical Secondary Schools with basic intermediate professional competencies.
NTA    5Technician Certificate Stage for imparting key intermediate professional competencies; graduates may proceed to study for Ordinary Diploma.
NTA    6Ordinary Diploma Stage for imparting full intermediate professional competencies; graduates may proceed to study for Bachelors Degree.

Undergraduate Awards

NTA    7Higher Diploma Part of Bachelors DegreeAward providing an exit to students who may need a break before completing the degree programme or have failed at the final degree stage.
NTA    8Bachelors Degree Stage for imparting full professional competencies.Graduates may proceed to do a Masters Degree.

Graduate Awards

NTA    9Masters Degree A stage for professional specialization; graduates may proceed for Doctor of Philosophy studies.
NTA  10Doctor of Philosophy A stage for contributing to the existing body of knowledge through applied research; graduates may proceed with life–long learning.

Comparative Training Duration

Year Technical Qualification Secondary / University Qualification
1 Basic Technician Certificate Form V
2 Technician Certificate Form V I
3 Ordinary Diploma University Year 1
4 Part of Higher Diploma University Year 2
5 Higher Diploma University Year 3
6 Bachelor Degree BSc Degree

Credit Values

A credit is an award made to learners in recognition of learning achievement, expressed through estimation of notional (average) learning time.

A notional time is a period spent by an average student in learning about something towards realizing a learning outcome.

1 credit = 10 notional hours.

NACTE Credit System

NTA Level Minimum Total Credits Min CurrentNTA Level Credits Max Credits From LowestNTA Level
4 120 120     0   (Nil)
5 120 120 0   (NTA 4)
6 240 120 30 (NTA 5)
7 360 120 30 (NTA 5)
8 480 120 30 (NTA 5)
9 180 150 30 (NTA 8)
10 540 360 30 (NTA 8)

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