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TUESDAY03/11/2015 1000 – 1200HRS MWADUI AGT06102
WEDNESDAY04/11/2015 1000 – 1200HRS MWADUI AGT06103
THURSDAY05/11/2015 1000 – 1200HRS MWADUI AGT06101

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Mkuu wa Chuo cha Madini Shinyanga (Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga – ESIS)

Anapenda kuwatangazia watu wote

wanaopenda kujiunga na masomo ya

  1. Utafutaji wa Madini na
  2. Elimu ya Mafuta na Gesi

Kwa ngazi ya cheti na diploma kuwa

Chuo bado ina nafasi chache za masomo 

Kwa mwaka 2015 – 2016 

Chuo kipo ndani ya 
mgodi wa Mwadui 
na kimesajiliwa na NACTE

Kwa usajili no. REG/EOS/041

Fomu zinapatikana
kwenye website ya chuo au
Ofisi za Chuo zilizopo Ndala na

Chuo Kikuu Huria, Shinyanga

Sifa ya Mwombaji awe amemaliza kidato cha 4,

na kupata angalau alama ya D katika masomo manne (4)
Wahi kwa kutuma maombi kabla ya tarehe 30 Septemba 2015
Nafasi za hostel zipo kwa watakaoomba

Kwa maelekezo zaidi
Piga simu: +255769426401/ +255785163274


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The Oil Drum | Articles in topic “Geology/Exploration”
Oct 17, 2012 Jean worked 37 years for TOTAL on exploration and production of oil and gas, and since his retirement, has worked tirelessly to analyse the

Exploration and Geological Technology Articles | TechnoMine
This site includes news, views, and reviews about geology, geochemistry, exploration, and other engineering, scientific, and environmental activities related to

Exploration Geology
Measuring the effectiveness of geological exploration and looking for trends that drivers for continued investment in the exploration industry. read full article

Mineral exploration
Mineral exploration is the process of finding ore (commercially viable because the geology is poorly understood at the conception of an

Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel
The Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel was a geological survey made by order of the Secretary of War according to acts of


Attached are the ESIS provisional results for Exploration and Mining Geology Students in NTAL4,5 and 6, plus NTAL4 for Petroleum Geology, July 2014.

The files are in MS Excel 2007 sheet


  • Marks for IPT Module AGT05205 and Module AGT06103 are not included in their respective sheet, updated results will be released once the marks are available
  • Carried Forward Module – GST 04201 – Communication Skills NTAL 5 Students Results 2015 Included

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Act No. 9 of 1997 empowers the Council “to establish awards in technical education which are consistent in standard and comparable to related awards at national and international levels”.

NACTE awards are known as National Technical Awards (NTA) and adopt a Competence-based (CBET) modular system (credit-based).

The Council has to set qualifications standards for the awards, hence the objectives.

The NTA are designed to testify that the holder of the award is able to apply competently the knowledge and skills described in the relevant occupational sector.

The NTA system has seven levels linked to a three level system of VETA, known as National Vocational Training Awards (NVTA), to provide a ten level framework of Technical and Vocational (TVET) qualifications.

Each NTA qualification has a broad competence level descriptor.

TVET Qualifications Framework

Level Award
NVTA 1 Certificate of Competence – Level I
NVTA 2 Certificate of Competence – Level II
NVTA 3 Certificate of Competence – Level III
NTA    4 Basic Technician Certificate
NTA    5 Technician Certificate
NTA    6 Ordinary Diploma
NTA    7 Higher Diploma
NTA    8 Bachelors Degree
NTA    9 Masters Degree
NTA  10 Doctor of Philosophy

Competence Level Descriptors

Level Competence Descriptor
NTA    4Basic Technician Certificate Apply skills and knowledge at routine level.
NTA    5Technician Certificate Apply skills and knowledge in a range of activities, some of which are non-routine and be able to assume operational responsibilities.
NTA    6Ordinary Diploma Apply skills and knowledge in a broad range of work activities, most of which are non-routine.
NTA    7Higher Diploma Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a broad range of complex technical activities, a high degree of personal responsibility and some responsibility for work of others.
NTA    8Bachelors Degree Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a wide and unpredictable variety of contexts with substantial personal responsibility, responsibility for the work of others and responsibility for the allocation of resources, policy, planning, execution and evaluation.
NTA    9Masters Degree Display mastery of a complex and specialized area of knowledge and skills, employing knowledge and understanding to conduct research or advanced technical or professional activity, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations.
NTA  10Doctor of Philosophy Apply knowledge and understanding and do advanced research resulting into significant and original contributions to a specialised field, demonstrate a command of methodological issues and engaging in critical dialogue with peers, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations.

Description of Awards

Intermediate Professional Awards

NTA    4Basic Technician Certificate Part of Technician Certificate Programme; a bridging stage to equip leavers of VETA, Academic and Technical Secondary Schools with basic intermediate professional competencies.
NTA    5Technician Certificate Stage for imparting key intermediate professional competencies; graduates may proceed to study for Ordinary Diploma.
NTA    6Ordinary Diploma Stage for imparting full intermediate professional competencies; graduates may proceed to study for Bachelors Degree.

Undergraduate Awards

NTA    7Higher Diploma Part of Bachelors DegreeAward providing an exit to students who may need a break before completing the degree programme or have failed at the final degree stage.
NTA    8Bachelors Degree Stage for imparting full professional competencies.Graduates may proceed to do a Masters Degree.

Graduate Awards

NTA    9Masters Degree A stage for professional specialization; graduates may proceed for Doctor of Philosophy studies.
NTA  10Doctor of Philosophy A stage for contributing to the existing body of knowledge through applied research; graduates may proceed with life–long learning.

Comparative Training Duration

Year Technical Qualification Secondary / University Qualification
1 Basic Technician Certificate Form V
2 Technician Certificate Form V I
3 Ordinary Diploma University Year 1
4 Part of Higher Diploma University Year 2
5 Higher Diploma University Year 3
6 Bachelor Degree BSc Degree

Credit Values

A credit is an award made to learners in recognition of learning achievement, expressed through estimation of notional (average) learning time.

A notional time is a period spent by an average student in learning about something towards realizing a learning outcome.

1 credit = 10 notional hours.

NACTE Credit System

NTA Level Minimum Total Credits Min CurrentNTA Level Credits Max Credits From LowestNTA Level
4 120 120     0   (Nil)
5 120 120 0   (NTA 4)
6 240 120 30 (NTA 5)
7 360 120 30 (NTA 5)
8 480 120 30 (NTA 5)
9 180 150 30 (NTA 8)
10 540 360 30 (NTA 8)

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1000 – 1200hrs AGT 05201

Exploration drilling




1000- 1200hrs AGT 05202

Mine survey




100 – 1200hrs AGT 05101

Optical mineralogy




1000 -1200 hrs AGT 05203

Ore reserve estimations




1000 – 1200hrs AGT 05204

Geology of oil and gas



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Dear all third year who are studying Exploration and Mining Geology NTAL6.

On behalf of ESIS Management , I am pleased to inform you that you are informed to report on 31st August 2015 to start the first semester of your last year. If you read from this announcement please tell your fellow student.

You are also reminded to come with your field report ready for submission.

You are most welcome


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Tanzania oil and gasTanzania oil and gas
The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC), a state oil firm, plans to open the fourth deep-offshore bidding round on April 12, this year as it seeks more exploration companies to take part in the country’s oil and gas sector, its officials have said. The company responsible for one of Australia’s worst oil spills has been given permission by the Commonwealth Government to continue, and potentially expand, its operations in Australian waters.


Tanzania to review oil and gas contractsTanzania to review oil and gas contracts


Tanzania Finds More Gas CCTV NEWSTanzania Finds More Gas CCTV NEWS
For the latest video news from the global oil, gas and energy industries visit Oil Industry TV at Follow Us on Twitter @OilIndustryTV


East Africa Oil & Gas 2012East Africa Oil & Gas 2012


Using Africa's Resources for Development - Part 1Using Africa’s Resources for Development – Part 1
Prof. Paul Collier advises how Africa should benefit from mineral, oil and gas extraction. The current high prices for minerals, oil and gas offer an opportunity for resource-rich countries in Africa to transform their economies and thereby the lives of its people. Yet this ‘golden opportunity’ can be ruined by corruption, environmental degradation and mismanagement, with benefits limited to a lucky few. What policies do governments need to have in place for the responsible exploitation of minerals, oil and gas? How can African economies prepare themselves to manage new found wealth? How can governments invest and save for future generations? How should exploration rights be valued and extraction companies taxed? Professor Paul Collier explained his strategy for stimulating economic growth in developing countries through selling natural resources such as minerals, oil and gas at an event hosted in Tanzania by UONGOZI Institute on 20 February 2012 The Institute of African Leadership for Sustainable Development, commonly known as UONGOZI Institute, offers training, discussions and resources on leadership, executive management and strategic thinking to leaders in Africa engaged in sustainable development.


Malawi halts talks with Tanzania on border disputeMalawi halts talks with Tanzania on border dispute
Malawi halts talks with Tanzania on border dispute Story from: LILONGWE (Reuters) – Malawi has cut off dialogue with Tanzania in a long-time territorial dispute concerning Lake Malawi thought to sit over highly coveted oil and gas reserves. Malawi claims sovereignty over the entirety of Africas third largest lake while Tanzania says 50 percent is part of its territory. The row which goes back half a century could worsen if significant oil and gas discoveries are made. . What is this? This is an experiment in virtual agent news production. The virtual news agent is Eliza Cassan from Deus EX HR.

 Tanzania orders review of all oil and gas exploration contracts …
Sep 16, 2012 Country a hotspot for natural gas discoveries* Minister says some agreements need to be revokedBy George ObulutsaNAIROBI, Sept 16

Oil and Gas Exploration Companies Operating in Tanzania
OPERATOR, CONTACT PERSON, AREA/BLOCK. Pan African Energy, Andrew Brown: Barclays House, 5th Floor Ohio Street, P. O. Box 80139. Dar es Salaam

Oil and Gas in Tanzania – Overview
A profile of Oil and Gas in Tanzaniawith directories of companies, people, industry sectors, projects, facilities, news and events.

Tanzania Oil And Gas Profile – A Barrel Full
Oct 3, 2012 Introduction. Exploration and production of petroleum is governed by the Petroleum [Exploration and Production] Act of 1980. Petroleum

Oil and Gas jobs in Tanzania – Oil and Gas Job Search
Oil and Gas jobs in Tanzania – 1-3 of 3 Oil and Gas jobs in Tanzania – from the category Oil and Gas jobs on Oil and GasJob Search.

Reserving Judgement on Tanzania’s Natural Gas Discoveries …
Sep 24, 2012 Tanzania delays an exploration licensing round as estimated value of The drilling and exploration of oil and gas could exacerbate these


Tanzania to offer 16 offshore oil and gas blocks for licensingTanzania to offer 16 offshore oil and gas blocks for licensing


Tanzania orders review of all oil and gas exploration contracts ...Tanzania orders review of all oil and gas exploration contracts …–finance.html


Tanzania: Solo Oil updates plans for testing of the Ntorya-1 gas ...Tanzania: Solo Oil updates plans for testing of the Ntorya-1 gas …


Oil and Gas - Mergers and Acquisition Review: East Africa's ...Oil and Gas – Mergers and Acquisition Review: East Africa’s …


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Exploration and Mining Geology
January 1992 – July-October 2010. For an alternate route to Exploration and Mining Geology use this URL: [More Information]

Mining Geology | Australia
In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering

Mining Geology | Australia
In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering

Mining and Geological Engineers : Occupational Outlook Handbook …
Aug 7, 2012 Mining and geological engineers design mines for the safe and efficient removal of minerals, such as coal and minerals, for manufacturing and

Mining: Geology or geography? | The Economist
Aug 27, 2011 Juicy profits tempt hungry governments THE past half-dozen years have been kind to miners. China is gobbling up minerals as fast as they can


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Dear all second year (NTAL5)

Following that some of you have their IPT extended, we have decided to postpone all supplementary and special examinations for NTAL5 until when all students are through with their IPT sessions.

With apology

ESIS Management

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