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EARTH SCIENCE INSTITUTE OF SHINYANGA (ESIS) DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY ESIS SUP AND SPECIAL EXAM’S TIMETABLE 19-21 JANUARY 2015 DATE TIME SUBJECT/PLACE     MONDAY 19/01/2015   0800- 1000hrs MTT 04102Advanced MathematicsOPEN UNIVERSITY AGT 05103Geophysics ExplorationMWADUI 1200- 1400hrs GST 04104Organic chemistryOPEN UNIVERSITY   1600- 1800hrs GST 04103Physical ScienceOPEN UNIVERSITY AGT 05105Remote sensingMWADUI       TUESDAY 20/01/2015   0800-
All students with supplementary examinations from 14th to 16th of JANUARY 2015 are hereby informed to pay the supplementary fee of TZS. 30,000/= per exam before the examination dates Note: we only need the bank deposit slip be presented to the office of ESIS Admin and not CASH Bank Details Bank name: CRDB, Bank PLC Account Name: ESIS Limited, Account No:01J1059238400 Branch: CRDB Shinyanga Branch SWIFT CODE: CORUTZTZ By ESIS Management
This is the list of student who must repeat their failed supplementary to in various modules. Arrange with your Tutor or fellow classmate to make sure that you attend the classes and all assignments, test, practical plus end of semester examination
Act No. 9 of 1997 empowers the Council “to establish awards in technical education which are consistent in standard and comparable to related awards at national and international levels”. NACTE awards are known as National Technical Awards (NTA) and adopt a Competence-based (CBET) modular system (credit-based). The Council has to set qualifications standards for the awards, hence the objectives. The NTA are designed to testify that the holder of the award is able to apply competently
Course Content Diploma in Exploration and Mining Geology  course (NTAL 6) is taken by students who have completed basic certificate in Exploration and Mining Geology NTAL 5 CODE MODULE PREREQUISITE AGT06101 Ore Mineralogy AGT05101 AGT06102 Application of Geology in Ground Water Exploration AGT06103 Ore Reserve Estimations and Economic Geology AGT06201 Mine Hazards AGT06202 Advanced Mineral Sorting and Processing AGT06203 Engineering Geology AGT06204 Project-III Semester
Course Content Basic Certificate in Exploration and Mining Geology  course (NTAL 4) is taken by students who has completed ordinary certificate of secondary education or O'Level (form four) with at least 4 D at the final national examination or NVA3 Semester I AGT04101 Basics of geology AGT04102 Elementary mineralogy GST04101 Basics of Chemistry GST 04102 Basic Computer Applications MTT04101 Mathematics MTT04102 Advanced Mathematics GST04101 Physical
Course Content Diploma in Exploration and Mining Geology  course (NTAL 5) is taken by students who has completed basic certificate in Exploration and Mining Geology NTAL 4 Code Name Prerequisite AGT05101 Optical Mineralogy AGT04102AGT04103 AGT 05102 Geochemistry and Geochemical Mapping AGT 04203 AGT 05103 Geophysical Exploration AGT 04203 AGT05104 Geological Mapping AGT05105 Remote Sensing and GIS AGT 05201 Exploration Drilling AGT 05202 Mine

The college is looking a part time Optical Mineralogy Expert in Tanzania to teach the subject to geology diploma students in Shinyanga Tanzania. Please call us or write an email attaching your CV / Resume, and contacts.


P.O.  Box 1016, Ndala, Shinyanga

Landline# +255282762854


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