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The following are provisional results for NTAL4-6.

NTAL6 results are incomplete because of CAs for practical are missing until the practical is conducted later

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Dear All students

Be informed that, ESIS management has resolved that all ESIS students are required to have their Personal protective equipment (PPE) or safety gears as follows:

  1. Helmet
  2. Yellow reflecting Jacket
  3. Safety Boots

If the student misses one, two or all of the listed ppe, he or she will not be allowed to participate in any of the field practical supervised and coordinated by ESIS

Field Practical Include:

  1. Laboratory related activities
  2. Excursion Activities
  3. Field Mapping
  4. IPT


This is to inform all ESIS students that the Semester I Results, 2015/16 will be delayed for some 4 weeks to allow the developer to finalize the development, installment/configuration testing and handover of the system.

Meanwhile the results will be released using manual methods in a week time

ESIS Management is sorry for this inconveniences.


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Exploration and Mining Geology
January 1992 – July-October 2010. For an alternate route to Exploration and Mining Geology use this URL: [More Information]

Mining Geology | Australia
In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering

Mining Geology | Australia
In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering

Mining and Geological Engineers : Occupational Outlook Handbook …
Aug 7, 2012 Mining and geological engineers design mines for the safe and efficient removal of minerals, such as coal and minerals, for manufacturing and

Mining: Geology or geography? | The Economist
Aug 27, 2011 Juicy profits tempt hungry governments THE past half-dozen years have been kind to miners. China is gobbling up minerals as fast as they can


Petroleum Geology & the Exploration Process – Overview
We may define petroleum exploration in several ways: It is the process of exploring for oil and gas resources in the earth’s sedimentary basins. The process

What does an Exploration Geologist do? : General Discussion …
This forum points more toward Petroleum Geology, but from your question I suppose you would like info about mineral exploration(mining).

Petroleum Exploration History –
Petroleum Exploration History. From the time humans realized naturally occurring petroleum had myriad uses, they organized means and methods to try and

Introduction to Petroleum Exploration for Non-Geologists – Robert …
This unique text offers a friendly, fascinating introduction to the world of petroleum explorationfor readers with little or no technical background on the subject.

Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology – a …
The Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology is an International quarterly journal that publishes leading edge studies in the field of

Petroleum geology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although a basin analysis is usually part of the first study a company conducts prior to moving into an area for future

Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling, and …
Norman Hyne’s best-selling book provides an enormous amount of useful information on the upstream petroleumindustry.

Petroleum Exploration Society – Home
The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain · Home …. PESGB London Evening Lecture – Exploration Field Geology in the Middle East, Ian Sharp (Statoil )

Oil and Gas |
Articles and information for oil and gas activity. | Caribbean Oil & Gas: An article on production, refining and explorationby EIA.




HMNS Wiess Energy Hall OnlineHMNS Wiess Energy Hall Online




Geology of the New Forest National Park, by Dr. Ian WestGeology of the New Forest National Park, by Dr. Ian West


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The management of Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga (ESIS) invite applications to study Mineral, Oil and Gas Exploration in 2015/16.

Courses Offered:

  1. Exploration and Mining Geology
  2. Petroleum Geology (Oil and Gas)
  • The collage located within Mwadui Williamson Mines and is fully licensed by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) with registration number reg/eos/041.
  • Applicants Basic Requirements: Completed Form Four with D and above passes in four subjects.
  • Application Forms: Available in our website. Also can be collected from our main office in Ndala – Shinyanga, Open University of Tanzania -Shinyanga Branch, Mwadui, Contact Centers in Mwanza and Arusha
  • Hostel Services: Hostel service is offered upon request
  • Application Deadline: The Deadline is 31 July 2015
  • Admission and Classes: Admission will be on 10th August 2015 and classes commences on 17th August 2015.

For more explanations or questions please call: 02827628540785163274/0769426401. OR send us email at: OR Visit our website:

You are all welcomed

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Below a list of geological application software required for geology students. The list shows the most common applications used by students and their usage. There are many more special applications available and students are advised to check them for more information.

John Southward

North Dakota State University

Anekant Wandres

Subject Name Use
Word Processing



Microsoft  Office Word reports, assignment, thesis
Adobe Acrobat PDF (free software) reading and printing document
Endnote Bibliography
Presentation PowerPoint For report presentation
Graphics, Drawing and Publishing


MS Publisher Desktop publishing
Freehand MX diagram and figures for reports, assignment, thesis etc
Grapher A graphics software package to create high-quality 2D and 3D graphics for publication and presentation
Image Processing



ImageJ Image analysis aerial photos
ImageTool Image analysis,  thin sections
Motic Image analysis
Data storage Microsoft Access General geological data management
Statistics Microsoft  Excel For basic stats (Harker, bar, pie, column… )
Minitab Statistical modeling
Statigraphics A software package for statistical data analysis






MinPet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
Petmin Most geochemistry plots, modeling
NewPet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
Igpet Most geochemistry plots, modeling
KaleidaGraph Most geochemistry plots, SHRIMP data processing
Grapher 2D and 3D graphic
Engineering Matlab Numerical modeling processing etc
Contouring Surfer Convert in a data into contour, surface, wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps. Virtually all aspects of your maps can be customized to produce exactly the presentation you want.
Mapping/GIS Civil 3D (AutoCAD) geological maps, engineering drawing…
  ArcView storing and manipulating data
3–D mapping Stereo Mapper stereo view of aerial photos
GPS GPS Pathfinder processing you GPS survey data
Geodimeter Terramodel processing your EDM survey
Stratigraphy Strater advanced plotting of downhole data
Rock science Dip plotting orientation based data
  RocData strength analysis of rock and soil
  RockSupport estimating support in circular tunnels
  Examine2D excavation analysis for mines
  Rockfall rockfall calculations
  Slide slope stability analysis
  Examine3D 3-D elastic analysis for excavations
  Rocklab Hoek-Brown failure
  Swedge stability of wedges in rockslopes
  Phase 2-D plastic finite element programme
  RockPlane stability of planar sliing blocks
  Unwedge stability of wedges in underground excavations
Rockworks99 Same as Rockscience (inferior)
Colorado Rock Fall Simulation Rockfall simulation
Geoslope Same as Rockscience (inferior) various tools
Vulcan 3D mining software solution that can validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic 3D models
Vulcan advance3D mining modeling
Seismic Management





StrataVisor seismograph software
KingdomSuite seismic data processing
Voxler advance 3D modelling
Move 2009.1 Structural modelling
Socet Set/XPG Photogrametry
Mineral Exploration Management Interdex Mineral exploration software packages
other software DAN dynamic analysis of flow-like landslide
  Galena slope stability
  Win_EKKO_Pro GPR
  Transform3-D visualize image data

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Uranium Tanzania Mkuju ProjectTanzania government has put plan in place to start mining the Uranium which is found in several deposits in the country. One of the major project for Uranium  development in the country is Mkuju River which is an in situ recovery uranium development project situated in southern Tanzania, about 470 km southwest of Dar es Salaam.  The Mkuju River project is owned by Uranium One by 51% shareholder.

The Mkuju River Project is a large scale, uranium development project ever in Tanzania.

About Uranium One

Uranium One is one of the world’s largest publicly traded uranium producers with a globally diversified portfolio of assets located in Kazakhstan, the United States and Australia.

Related News:-

Bahi (Tanzania) threatened by uranium miningBahi (Tanzania) threatened by uranium mining
Interview done in November 2011 at Esso-Wiese in Wendland during the actions against the train transporting highly radioactive waste from La Hague in France to Gorleben in Germany. More info about uranium mining plans in Tanzania: – New Uranium Mining Projects in Tanzania: – Tanzania ‘will mine uranium on Selous Game Reserve’:


WikiLeaks On Kenya Link To Uranium Scam.mp4WikiLeaks On Kenya Link To Uranium Scam.mp4
If one scam is not enough, there was another tying Kenya and Tanzania in an Uranium Scam in helping Iran. Well, the way the economy in Kenya and Tanzania are, Tusker’s Project Fame Season 5 has not set a date yet so they have to find work somewhere in order to survive.


Uranium technologyUranium technology
Tanzania atomic energy commission and the Nelson Mandela African institute of science and technology have signed a cooperation agreement on uranium technology in the country.


Zamaldira News ReportZamaldira News Report
A news report I edited on iMovie for my friend’s science project about mining uranium in Tanzania.

 New Uranium Mining Projects – Tanzania
In Tanzania, uranium prospection and exploration is being performed by Uranex NL, Uranium mining in Tanzania is being opposed by Civil Education is the

Maiden resource for Tanzania uranium project expected in early 2013
Nov 19, 2012 Aim-listed uranium explorer Uranium Resources’ Mtonya project, in southern Tanzania, is on track to have a maiden resource by the end of the

Mkuju River Tanzania – Uranium One
Print; Email. Mkuju River Project. Mkuju River is an in situ recovery uranium development project located in southern Tanzania, about 470 km southwest of Dar

‘Action needed’ on uranium use in Tanzania | Africa | DW.DE | 10.11 …
Nov 10, 2012 Reports say Tanzanian farmers have used uranium dust as a pesticide. Immediate inspections are needed, says Ute Koczy, a member of the

Uranium One sees building of Tanzania mine in 2013 | Reuters
Oct 24, 2012 Tanzania to become Africa’s 3rd biggest uranium producer* Govt wants mining sector to contribute more to GDP growthBy Fumbuka

Tanzania Uranium
Tanzania Uranium Overview. The project areas span the Usagaren basement and the Karoo Luwegu Basin. Preliminary interpretation of raw data is very

BBC News – Tanzania ‘will mine uranium on Selous Game Reserve’
Jul 1, 2011 Tanzania will go ahead with plans to mine uranium in the Selous Game Reserve – a UN World Heritage site – a minister tells the BBC.

Uranium One Climbs After Japanese Election: Johannesburg Mover …
Dec 18, 2012 Uranium One Inc., which mines the raw material used in reactor fuel, advanced the most in 16 months in Johannesburg trading after the

Uranium One – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Uranium One (TSX: UUU, JSE: UUU) (also known as sxr Uranium One) is a Canadian based uranium mining company with operations in Australia, Canada,

Canada Stocks Lose Momentum On Lower Commodity Prices …
Dec 13, 2012 NASDAQ News: Canada Stocks Lose Momentum On Lower Commodity Prices; Uranium One and RIM Again Heavily Traded.

Mkuju River – Mining News –
Uranium One is reluctant to discuss details of its development plans for the Mkuju River project in Tanzania until an updated feasibility study is published early

Mkuju River boundary change
Jul 6, 2012 The Mkuju River uranium project is led by Uranium One on behalf of its 51% shareholder AtomRedMetZoloto, which acquired Mkuju River Tanzania to Become Eighth Largest Uranium Producer
Jul 9, 2012 “The MPR is shaping up as a truly world-class project and has the potential, Mkuju River Project estimated to create 1,200 jobs during the

Petition | UNESCO World Heritage Center, Paris, France: Stop the …
In June, the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, meeting in Russia, will decide whether to change the boundaries of the precious World Heritage site…


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is also spelled gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gem s and gemstone s It is considered a geoscience and a branch

Gems & Gemology
Gems & Gemology is a quarterly scientific journal published by the Gemological Institute of America . Each issue is devoted to research


GIA Diamond Grading Guide: How to Buy a DiamondGIA Diamond Grading Guide: How to Buy a Diamond
An informational video about how the Gemological Institute of America grades diamonds and provides consumers with unbiased diamond grading reports. A GIA diamond grading report will make you sure of your diamond’s value and your diamond’s quality. Learn more about diamond grading reports at

 Gemology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gemologyor gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gems and gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy.

Gemological Institute Of America
The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is the world’s foremost authority in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education, gemology research, diamond and

Gems & Gemology
As the award-winning quarterly journal of GIA, Gems & Gemology publishes the latest peer-reviewed research on diamonds and colored stones—where they

Gemology Online: Online Gemological Expertise
Online Gemological Forum and. The Gemology Project: a wiki-style database for anyone interested in gemstones and gemology.

The Gemology Project
The Gemology Project is a non-profit gemstone and gem science wiki-style database for anyone interested in gemstones and gemology(gemmology).

Gemology – Gems, Gem Stone, Birth stone, lucky stones – gems …
Gem, Gems, gemstone & birth stone – Gemology is an interactive section at See how gems and birth stone can alter your life , gemstones

Gemology – Wikipedia
The first US graduate of Gem-A’s Diploma Course, in 1929, was Robert Shipley who later established both the GemologicalInstitute of America and the American Gem Society.

Gems & Gemology
Summaries of important articles recently published elsewhere, prepared by the GemologicalAbstracts Review Board and other abstracters. Free iPad App G&G has launched a free application for iPad tablets. This app will complement the print quarterly with enhanced digital content.


What Is Gemology?What Is Gemology?


Gemology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaGemology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Basics of Gemology and Introduction to Gem Identification Part II-Basics of Gemology and Introduction to Gem Identification Part II-


Gemology | Parashar Jyotishalaya - Astrosir.Gemology | Parashar Jyotishalaya – Astrosir.


Explore for More Careers - Mining EngineerExplore for More Careers – Mining Engineer
A career in mining is more than you think. Watch this video to learn about the career of a Mining Engineer in Canadian mining. Visit us on Facebook OR at:

Mine EngineeringMine Engineering
Every wondered what a Mine Engineer does?

 Mining engineering
Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of

Mining engineering – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing

Mining Engineering
Information on undergraduates studies, facilities, faculty and student organizations.

Mining Engineering Online – SME
Mining Engineeringmagazine, the official publication of The Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME) since 1949.

WVU Mining Engineering:
Offers a range of topics for graduates and undergraduates. Includes student life, faculty and staff, and research.

Mining Engineering – UK College of Engineering
Jul 24, 2012 Brett Jackson MNG ’13. Mining engineeringtouches on all of the other disciplines . Whatever you enjoy, you can apply it to mining.

Mining Engineering Jobs
Jobs 1 – 20 of 298 From Engineer, the world’s most-visited engineering job site, find every mining engineering job available anywhere on the web


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