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Any interested facilitator should write us a training or service provision proposal that included in part II of this page

This will help us to develop a guiding policy and database for short courses which can now be used to prepare the actual short course programs.

The incumbent shall propose the refining of the given titles in part I or propose a new title as directed in part II

For all cases he or she must give us more information as outlined in part II below

Upcoming short courses in mining to be provided by the Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga – ESIS are listed below

  1. Application of Geochemistry in Mineral Exploration;
  2. Application of Structural Geology in Mineral Exploration;
  3. Paleontology and the Geology of Oil and Gas;
  4. Remote Sensing and Application of GIS in Mineral Exploration;
  5. Geochemistry of Oil and Gas;
  6. Ore Reserve estimation
  7. Modern Open Cast and Underground Mining Techniques;
  8. Modern Mineral Exploration Techniques with emphasis on Gold;
  9. Modern Techniques of Mineral Processing
  10. Mining Law, Licensing, Policies, Contracts & Negotiations
  11. Mining Health, Safety & Environment Management
  12. Professional mining development
  13. Ore Reserve Risk and Mine Planning Optimization
  14. Seismic Analysis and Interpretation for Mining
  15. Mineral Resources Management and Marketing

Short Course Proposal Form


Name the course type you wish to be added in our short course list

  1. Why do you think the course of your choice is valuable?
  2. What is course objective?
  3. What are the beneficiaries of the course?
  4. What are the attributes of the course participants?
  5. Any other requirements

Course Contents: Propose the subtopics to be taught and course duration

Practical and demonstrations: Where and what to include in the practical dossier?

What are the reference notes to be used for the course? Mention a website links (not older than 3 days, books (not older than 2 years).

Please also provide the estimated cost if it is for buying or number of pages if it is prepared inhouse

Please mention course tutors/instructors by their full names, emails, phones, fax, physical address and employer

Additional Comments if any

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