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Below are the final examination results for NTA Level 4, 5 and 6 in Exploration and Mining Geology and Petroleum Geology Students sat in December 2016

Practical Training (PT) is an essential part on Exploration And Mining Geology and Petroleum Geology offered by the Earth Sciences Institute of Shinyanga. It is conducted after the second teaching semester for a period of 8 weeks, commencing around June each year for 2nd year students according to the proposed curriculum on NACTE. The… Continue reading

Dear all ESIS Graduates

ESIS shall be issuing certificates and transcripts to its graduates using the following procedures:

  1. A certificate/transcript applicant must read, understand and accept the ESIS Certificate Issuance Regulations
  2. Fill out the Application form and submit physically or by post mail with all enclosures included (Please see the Application Checklist)

Exploration and Mining Geology
January 1992 – July-October 2010. For an alternate route to Exploration and Mining Geology use this URL: [More Information]

Mining Geology | Australia
In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering

Mining Geology… Continue reading

Petroleum Geology & the Exploration Process – Overview
We may define petroleum exploration in several ways: It is the process of exploring for oil and gas resources in the earth’s sedimentary basins. The process

What does an Exploration Geologist do? : General Discussion …
This forum points more toward Petroleum Geology,… Continue reading

Below a list of geological application software required for geology students. The list shows the most common applications used by students and their usage. There are many more special applications available and students are advised to check them for more information.

John Southward

North Dakota State University

Anekant Wandres

Subject Name Use
Word Processing… Continue reading

is also spelled gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gem s and gemstone s It is considered a geoscience and a branch

Gems & Gemology
Gems & Gemology is a quarterly scientific journal published by the Gemological Institute of America . Each issue is devoted to research


GIA Diamond Grading Guide: How to Buy a DiamondGIA… Continue reading

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